Version 1.1 - Post Jam Release

So my Minimalistic Jam version of the game was pretty rushed and sloppy, there were a lot of crashes and problems.

  • I've fixed all the issues in this version, got the shoeshine out and added a bit of polish, and implemented an options menu.
  • You can now change the keybindings, but the game also detects your preference and automatically adjusts them when you first play the game.
  • Sound is now partially implemented, theres a few boop sounds when the ball hits stuff and when the ball falls of the field.
  • Lots of UI problems have been fixed, so navigating the menus should be extra speedy and pleasant.
  • You can now actually load custom maps into the editor, because I got the directory in the code right this time.
  • Completing the last level no-longer instantly crashes the game.
  • Hitting quit actually quits the game this time. I know. Amazing feature.
  • You can now reset your progress in case you accidentally complete the game.
  • Removed some sneaky cheaty dev hotkeys.
  • Kind of improved scaling?

If you want to keep your saves and stuff just copy the data, levels and customlevels folder into the new game folder, or replace the .exe and lib folders in the old game folder.

I think that's it. If you actually enjoy the game somehow please be sure to give me some feedback. It'd make my day :)

Thank you.

(Oh yeah and turning the particles off at the moment will actually cause the game to be laggier in the long run so watch out for that until I fix it)


[1.1 Release] Linux32 5 MB
Jul 27, 2018
[1.1 Release] Linux64 5 MB
Jul 27, 2018
[1.1 Release] Windows32 5 MB
Jul 27, 2018
[1.1 Release] Windows64 5 MB
Jul 27, 2018

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