A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This is a little breakout clone made for Minimalistic Jam 3.  It allows you to play built in levels but also create and share custom ones, with a lot of flexibility.


  • Create, play and share custom levels
  • Keyboard controls that can be configured
  • Simple colour scheme
  • Perfected ball vs paddle speed so it is always possible to hit the ball, as long as your reflexes are fast enough.

The post Jam version is out now, and I'm working on the next release.  Some things its gonna include are:

  • Controller Support
  • Ability to set amount of balls for custom levels
  • Some new tile types

Thank you so much for checking out my game! I'd love to hear your opinion of it down the comments :)

Install instructions

Please keep the game files in the same directory of the game, I know its complicated but I don't really know how to include everything  in the executable.

If the game shows a blank screen on startup then you need to download the version that has java included.


[1.1 Release] Windows64 (Java Included) 68 MB
[1.1 Release] Windows64 5 MB
[1.1 Release] Windows32 5 MB
[1.1 Release] Linux32 5 MB
[1.1 Release] Linux64 5 MB
[Jam Version] Linux32 5 MB
[Jam Version] Linux64 5 MB
[Jam Version] Windows32 5 MB
[Jam Version] Windows64 (Java not required) 68 MB

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