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I started working on this project 2 days before submissions were due, so sorry its a little under-featured. I plan to update this with a lot better stuff later on :)

This is a Starbound clone, each planet you visit is 32x32 blocks, and each planet has a unique colour scheme. You need to collect minerals in order to travel to new planets and upgrade your tools. This is just an early concept so it doesn't really reflect what the final game will look like.


WASD or arrow keys to move the player

SPACE, Z  or X to jump

E to open the menu

SCROLL to select block (if you are using a touch pad use to fingers and slide them up or down)

LEFT CLICK to mine blocks

RIGHT CLICK to place the selected block

ESC to quit.

Even though it's pretty bad at the moment, I hope you enjoy the little amount of gameplay it has to offer :)

Thanks for checking this out.

Install instructions

You probably need java to run the game, but who doesn't have that installed already.

Windows is probably going to give you a smart screen warning because it doesn't like processing applications, so you need to click "advanced" and then "allow"


Sounbound Windows64.zip 4 MB
Sunbound Linux.zip 4 MB
Sunbound Windows32.zip 4 MB


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can you make a 1000P verson