v1.1 (Quest only)

This new version of PhysicsBowling supports VR, with the Oculus Quest! You can now walk around, pick up and interact with objects as if they were real. A ton of new changes are in this build too, including a ton more interactive objects,  cameras that you can take around with you and much more.

Full list of changes:

  • Added a camera object that you can pick up and move around, it floats in mid-air so it's easy to position it and get the shot you want.
  • The camera feed goes to a variety of screens around the bowling alley, including behind the service counter, on the laptop at the front desk, and on one of the arcade machines. You can position the laptop and service counter screen wherever you like, and the service counter screen floats in mid air so it's easy to set up for a good view of what the camera is seeing.
  • Added a bathroom with toilet stalls and a sink. The toilet lids can be ripped off and there are toilet paper rolls strewn about the place. There is also a mess in one of the stalls that can be cleaned up. (Or used as a ball and rolled down the bowling alley)
  • Lots of colliders have been fixed
  • Oculus Quest support means objects can now easily be picked up and rotated using the grab buttons
  • Roomscale play is supported although it can sometimes be buggy when changing floor heights
  • Lots of lighting and graphics optimisations so the game runs much faster and smoother


PhysicsBowling Quest 47 MB
Jan 03, 2020

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