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Ever played a bowling simulator game? Maybe something like bowling on Wii Sports? Imagine one of those except you can walk around and interact with the entire bowling alley. Order a meal from the food area, play an arcade game, throw a chair at the staff, do what ever you want. The bowling system is also fully functioning and has scoring, all you need to do is pick up a ball and roll it down one of they alleys to start.


  • WASD to move
  • Hold down left click to pick up an object
  • Right click to throw an object or roll an object down the alley
  • R will reset an objects rotation

P.S. this game isn't just your average asset flip, I've put hours and hours of work into this, and created everything from scratch. I genuinely hope you enjoy my game :)


PhysicsBowling Windows.zip 21 MB

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I had a lovely time here! I put on the wii bowling music in the background for some extra ambience. Aside from some physics based glitchyness it's really nicely made!