A downloadable cool game for Windows and Android

Ever played a bowling simulator game? Maybe something like bowling on Wii Sports? Imagine one of those except you can walk around and interact with the entire bowling alley. Order a meal from the food area, play an arcade game, throw a chair at the staff, do what ever you want. The bowling system is also fully functioning and has scoring, all you need to do is pick up a ball and roll it down one of they alleys to start.



  • WASD to move
  • Hold down left click to pick up an object
  • Right click to throw an object or roll an object down the alley
  • R will reset an objects rotation


  • Left thumbstick to move
  • Right thumbstick to turn
  • Grip button to pick up objects

P.S. this game isn't just your average asset flip, I've put hours and hours of work into this, and created everything from scratch. I genuinely hope you enjoy my game :)

Also another note (this time from 2020), the Oculus Quest version is unfinished as I need to fully convert the interactive objects and physics to feel natural in VR. The scoreboard also doesn't appear yet as it is rendered in the UI layer. If you download the game now, stay tuned for updates as the game will become a lot more refined for vr overtime, and more vr exclusive features will be added.

Install instructions

For windows just extract the zip and run it.

For Oculus Quest version make sure your quest is in developer mode and sideload the apk using SideQuest.


PhysicsBowling Windows.zip 21 MB
PhysicsBowling Quest 47 MB

Development log


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Hello.  about a week ago, I installed this game via sidequest. It was not on sidequest at the time. However, I cannot seem to uninstall it even after using sidequest uninstall. It no long shows up via sidequest or sidequest app launcher but my Quest still has "com.oculus.unitySample" that launches your game.

I'm sorry I have no idea how to uninstall sideloaded apks - have you tried deleting the folder through explorer? If you still can't figure it out get back to me and I'll try and I'll help as much as I can.

Got the Sidequest team to help me out. I had to just enable "see all" and uninstall the file manually. Thanks

Any chance this Will be released on Sidequest?

I'm going to release it there once I've fixed up all the problems with this build. If you really want to try it out you can use the apk in downloads section and it'll work just fine. Just drag and drop it on Sidequest and itll load just like a normal sidequest game.


I know how to install. Just wanted to see your cool app on the Sidequest store :)

The dev would probably get a lot more exposure to actual quest users as well, I was digging pretty deep through itch to eventually find this

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I've now submitted the game to SideQuest now that a bunch of the bad bugs are gone, so now you can download it on there and get automatic updates.

EDIT: its on there now and my god I was not expecting that much exposure the popularity of this game just skyrocketed

I knew that this would happen, considering my original reply (:


I had a lovely time here! I put on the wii bowling music in the background for some extra ambience. Aside from some physics based glitchyness it's really nicely made!