The game may seem slow at first, but it will get quite fast very quickly.

I made this game quickly to test p5js, but I thought I'd release it too, as I have some more ideas for it.

Just hover the mouse in the square before the time runs out. If you miss a square, the round will  end and you'll get a score.

Oh, and as a score to beat sort of thing: my current highscore is 60 with a resolution of 1920x978

Development log


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fun game

this is pretty cool


Definitely a cool little game. Difficult, too. My high score is 48 with a 1366x657 resolution. It'd be cool to see this expanded.

Thanks for trying my game! I've updated it and it has a lot more features now, if you want to give it another go.  There's now 4 different game modes. Once again thanks for playing!