A downloadable game for Windows

I challenged myself to make a game in a day, and this was the result. You are a frog, and gathering treasure on an island. Eat apples to restore your energy. If your energy gets too low, you will start loosing health. Once you loose enough health, you will die. Collect as much as much treasure as you before you die, and that's pretty much it.

Everything is done in 'moves', so you have time to plan where you will go.

It's a fun little game.

If you play it post your highscore in the comments! :D

Install instructions

You can basically just run the .exe file. If you want to use the installer, use it :)

Sorry Linux users, I can't get the game working for Linux right now ):

Not sorry about mac users though.


Frogg for Windows (exe) 2 MB
Frogg for Windows (Installer) 2 MB

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