A downloadable game for Windows

Hey, this is one of my first game jams! This is just a small game I made. You are a janitor and your job is to unclog the never ending supply of Taco Bell aftermath. As you earn more money, your reputation increases, and you get better jobs, eventually resulting in you getting to work for the richest man alive. Its a very fast game, and can be completed in under a minute if you are a speedy clicker. (Yes, its a clicker game. Sorry.)



The number at the top left is how much money you have. The more money you have the better working conditions you will be in.

The number at the very bottom left is your current level. Each time you level up you get a pay rise. You are paid for each "plunge" on the plunger.

The number above your level is the amount of money you get paid each plunge. The "P" stands for "Pay"


Anyway I hope you enjoy and feedback is appreciated.

Install instructions

It should just be pretty straightforward to install. Run the installer and follow the instructions.

Only works for windows because Apple as a company should burn in flames.

And sorry Linux users I just couldn't release a Linux version. ):


Extreme Janitor Simulator.exe 2 MB


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is it a virus?

it says its i have to scan it

It says it wants to make a change to my computer??

If you don't want to install it, don't. I might upload a html5 version so you don't have to download anything if you are concerned about security

I'm just wondering if that's normal. I've never seen a game ask for permissions before.


I think it's just because I forgot to add an author to the program, so it triggers an alert saying it came from an "unknown source" or something. 

Hey, could you make a web version? I'm a linux user, and really want to play it :D


Well, maybe.. its a really rubbish game in all honesty, I only made it in like 2 hours because I was really busy