BrastinOS 0.15 - new stuff

Stuff I added

  • Colour picker UI, so you can pick colours
  • Support for changing titlebar colour, system highlight colour, and background colour so you have something to pick colours for.
  • New improved icons for everything!(including a bunch of different colours so you can change them to fit the theme)
  • You can now create your own folder icons and use those instead
  • Right clicking in explorer now lets you create new folders/files (not just desktop)
  • You can now rename files by right clicking and hitting rename
  • When creating a new file/folder it automatically puts it in rename mode so you can actually name it
  • Animations! everywhere! window title bars now fade in/out depending on if they're active or not
  • Highlighted items fade in and out over mouse hover, and now use the system highlight colour
  • Right click menu's are now animated and smoothly but quickly swoop down and do a subtle bounce at the end
  • Programs now have icons
  • Theres some secret commands you can use in the console

Bugs that I fixed

  • When the back button was disabled in explorer you could still click on it
  • They were also enabled in the start menu for some reason
  • Lots of small efficiency improving stuff
  • I'm certain there was a bunch of other stuff I just cant remember it at the moment

Anyway this update makes it much more customizable. There's a lot of stuff I've been doing in the background to make it way more flexible and customizable, and I'll release some of that stuff soon.


BrastinOS Windows (legacy v0_15) 6 MB
May 04, 2019
BrastinOS Windows (legacy v0_15) 6 MB
May 04, 2019

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