BrastinOS 0.30 - Theme support!!!

Hello everyone!!!!!!! It is BrastinOS update time again, this time I bring themes, optimisations, a much nicer startup with troubleshooting steps if you accidentally mess up the installation. 

Theme Support

  • Almost every colour in the operating system can be changed now
  • This colour information can be changed via the global variables
  • The recommended easier way to change them is by using the colour pickers in desktop/themes/colours
  • If you want to save a theme you've created, type "dumptheme <name>" in the console and it will output a theme file than you can run to set the theme
  • Theres a folder, desktop/themes/presets thats full of examples and fun themes to try out.
  • The background settings are now also saved between sessions, this was an oversight in previous releases.


  • The save UI has been updated. 
  • There's now a file picker built in that allows you to choose a directory.
  • You can still type the filename exactly like you used to.
  • The file picker will update along with the text you enter.


  • The BrastinOS boot sequence is now a lot cleaner
  • Its been made much faster and more responsive as it is split into two seperate threads.
  • A splash screen has been added which shows the boot sequence in real time, this also adds to the responsiveness as this splash starts almost instantly.
  • Any errors will show in this console log for debugging purposes if it freezes at any point.
  • If the brastinos or data folder is missing, the OS will not attempt to boot and instead prompt you with instructions to fix the problem. 
  • You can opt to retry the boot , view the console for more information or quit.
  • There's also a boot animation

Misc Visual Improvements

  •  BrastinOS logo has been added to start
  • A visual bug with the colour picker has been fixed.
  • More window animation bugs have been fixed.

Bug fixes

  • More fixes to search
  • Config file bugs have been fixed
  • Probably more stuff I just cant remember, bug fixes tend to not be very memorable sorry


BrastinOS 0_30 (32-bit) 14 MB
Sep 01, 2020
BrastinOS 0_30 (Java Included).zip 77 MB
Sep 01, 2020
BrastinOS 0_30 (Java Required).zip 14 MB
Sep 01, 2020

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