BrastinOS 0.29 - Bug fixes

This update has a few small bugfixes:

  • Config file has been removed from the downloads so it shows the welcome screen.
  • Console about info updated to show the correct build number/date
  • Title bar decoration and colour picker gradient no longer share the same variable. (previously changing the title bar gradient broke the colour picker.
  • Options to revert the vertical gradient, or completely remove it are now available
  • Typing "debug" in the console now shows more detailed information about window properties and elements to the left of the window.
  • You can scroll through this panel if it is too big to fit on screen.

Welcome to BrastinOS

Welcome to BrastinOS


BrastinOS 0_29 (Java Included).zip 81 MB
May 21, 2020
BrastinOS 0_29 (Java Required).zip 18 MB
May 21, 2020

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