BrastinOS 0.28 (2020 Release)

Hello! Yesterday I just released BrastinOS 0.28! The last public version was over a year ago, so this version has over a years worth of work in it and is a major overhaul in nearly every aspect. Lets get into the changes.


  • You can now insert images into the console! Use "consoleimage <image dir>" and the image will appear inline with the text.
  • You can now scroll in the console.


  • Complete rework of how the taskbar works.
  • Taskbar height is adjustable
  • Taskbar width is adjustable
  • Taskbar edge curvature is adjustable
  • Taskbar offset is adjustable
  • Maximized window offset is adjustable
  • Taskbar icon width is customizable
  • The taskbar can be hid automatically
  • There's some templates and presets in the desktop > themes > taskbar folder for style similar to Windows XP, Windows 10 or macOS
  • The taskbar has smooth animations when changing themes or hovering
  • When you hover over a task it shows the full name above it
  • If you hover for long enough it shows an outline of the window on the screen
  • Right clicking the taskbar allows you to close all windows, restore all windows or show desktop


  • There's now a menu on the left that lets you quickly select important directories
  • Images previews now load faster, are shown in correct aspect, are anti aliased, and also open instantly in image viewer when double clicked
  • Right click a script to run it in a new window
  • Right click the explorer to create or rename files and folders
  • Deleted items are sent to the deleted folder
  • Right click explorer windows to duplicate them
  • There's also an option to duplicate and snap the windows to either side
  • Fixed a ton of bugs related to window sizes etc

Start menu

  • Start menu is now animated
  • You can now run console commands through the start menu
  • You can now search for files through the start menu
  • Just type to start searching. It will bring up a list of all matches, and if there are no matches it will automatically try running it as a console command
  • Fixed start menu related bugs


  • Added a settings app
  • Change the title bar colours
  • Change the selection colour
  • Change the button hover colour
  • Change the desktop background
  • See a preview of the colours before applying
  • Change taskbar settings
  • Change the title bar (use macOS or windows presets)

Themes and Icons

  • Reworked the icon system to allow for icon sets
  • Added 2 new icon sets and changed the default one to HD 3d rendered versions of the old icons
  • Changed the folder colour system to allow for the full range of colours using a template white folder
  • Fixes and improvements to images as mentioned above
  • Colour picker ui has been updated slightly to be easier to use

Other general changes

  • Added welcome screen with helpful info
  • Window taskbars automatically hide when snapped, brush your mouse against the top to show them again. This is a very intuitive system
  • Fixed font rendering, it is now significantly smoother
  • Fixed lots of animations and made them smoother
  • Added a screenshot tool. type "ss" into the console to open it. It works like the snipping tool in windows and will save the image to the desktop

There's probably a lot more stuff, like I said, I've been working on this update for over a year now, so it is packed full of fixes, features and polish. Enjoy!


BrastinOS 0_28 (Java Required).zip 18 MB
May 14, 2020
BrastinOS 0_28 (Java Included).zip 81 MB
May 14, 2020

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