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how do i set it up? because i keep getting errors


This is ablolutely NEW OS!!! I  also had my own system - QuickWave OS. Sadly, I lost source code, so his support ended. Your OS is just magic! I think you should learn assembler and make your own core.

This is awesome! Very cool! 

But a few questions:

Which game engine is this made in? or Which programming language is this made in? It is obvious it is java, but is there something else?

Thank you!

It's made in Processing. I absolutely love Processing since it makes graphics really really simple as you can draw to the screen straight away.

There's also my own "script" language in there too that some of the programs use, but it's really really bad. 

I'm currently re-writing the entire thing from scratch to be a lot more modular and accessible from the scripting language. Once I have a solid base I should be able to make the rest of the UI and programs in that language, meaning components can be modified fully using the script files.

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Thank you for replying to my comment!

Sorry that I didn't ask some other questions.

You could answer the questions or skip it.


How did you get to pixel art?


Here are some things you could add to brastinos:

App building techniques.

Or a list of commands(for console)

The ability to make a file from the user's computer to brastin os (this might take time)

Chrome like thing



When I save a notepad file, even if I save as or save, I can't close it. It is saying (unsaved changes).


Great job making this fun little application. It would be nice is you made the source code available. But you are working on it.


Other than that, this application (or customizable software) is very cool. And I see that you always check the comment section.


And hey! Are you going to make more softwares like this or stop within the music player.


Sorry very much if you took time to read this. An dthis is a long list. 

Thank you.


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No problem!


Just operating systems in general. I've always wanted to design my own and while I don't have the skill-set to make a real one I do have the ability to make a fake one, so I did.

How did you get to pixel art?

Since I enjoy making games and software you kind of always need to make your own assets, and while trying out different things I've learned how to make lots of types of art, from pixel art to 3D models (you can see this in the icon sets, theres also some hidden unused icons in brastinos/system/icons, the 3D ones are my favourite. )

App building techniques.

I partially got to this, if you type "debug" in the console you can see a window attribute editor I was making before i switched to the new code base. But - you still can technically make your own programs. All of the programs in brastinos are using different elements that you can add to windows using the "create" command. When I have more time I can write out a more detailed description of how the command works, but for now try things like

  • create window <script to initialize the window with>

For these next ones, make sure the script or console is targeting the window you want to add the features to. You can use "target <window ID>" or right click on the window and click "set console target", and you should see the console window say "Console > <window>".

  • create text <text> <x> <y>
  • create button <text> <x> <y> <script>
  • create explorer <directory>
  • create texteditor <type> <name> (this might be a bit broken i think)
  • create imageviewer <image directory>
  • create textbox <x> <y> <w> <h> (dont know if this one will work)
  • create explorerbox <directory> <x> <y> <w> <h>
  • create colourpicker <variable> (for example "create colourpicker settings_titlebg "
  • create popup <title> <text>
  • create settings

Then you can use the update command to modify some of these (this part is unfinished)

  • update text text <element ID> <text>
  • update button text <elementID> <text>
  • update textbox getvar <variable to set> <elementID> (this takes the input from the textbox element and assigns it to a variable

You can also use "properties" to modify the window

  • properties name <name>
  • properties resize <boolean> (this determines whether or not the window can be resized
  • properties size <w> <h>
  • properties icon <icon id> ( a number between 1-7 i thinkkk but you could try others)
  • properties position <x> <y>

then to change the colour of text you can use

  • fill <r> <g> <b>

If you put all these commands in a text file and then right click > run in window or use the "create window <script" command it will run it as an application. If you want an example of how you can use this, the properties window (right click on file or window and click properties) uses this system, and you can find the script file at "brastinos/properties"

In the next release (probably a while away) im rewriting the whole thing from scratch so that every single UI element is contained in variables that you can modify, meaning the whole operating system should be accessible this way, rather than just a few elements.

The ability to make a file from the user's computer to brastin os (this might take time)

This is already possible! You can drag and drop files directly into the brastinos directory.  All of the files in brastinOS are real files that you can manipulate outside of the program.

Chrome like thing

There's a way to download the html from sites and display it in the text editor, theres an example of this at "brastinos/desktop/programs/custom/browser.txt" right click the file, and hit "run in window" and it will download the page from the url in the text file.

When I save a notepad file, even if I save as or save, I can't close it. It is saying (unsaved changes).

I've noticed this and I've tried to tackle the problem a few times. It sounds like an easy fix but the way brastinOS works makes it difficult for the text editor to communicate with that dialogue. Hopefully the rewrite im doing will fix issues like this.

edit: you can work around this issue by right clicking the notepad title bar and clicking "close"

And hey! Are you going to make more softwares like this or stop within the music player.

Hopefully! I really like making software since I enjoy designing interfaces to be pretty, not just functional. I'm working on a new piece of software right now and this time it will be for both android and PC. If you have any ideas let me know :)

Thanks for your interest in my stuff!

Thank you. But is there any way to run the browser. When I run in window, it just shows a text file. There is no actual browser.  But who needs a browser! (Or someone needs it?).


yeah it isn't a real browser, it just loads text files. I thunk creating an actual webpage renderer would be a lot of work

uhh the 32 bit version says 64 bit required

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Is there source code?

No. I'm not going to make the source publicly accessible.



If you're thinking of downloading this please hold off for a few days, I'm about to release a big update soon.

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The update is live now if you wanted to check it out :)


Looks awesome so far, I can't test it cause I mainly use linux also I agree with the other comments. If this were a real WM I would use it all the time

Thanks! I've been trying to work on Linux and macOS support and hopefully it will release soon. I've never really used linux so its been difficult for me to get everything working

Take as much time  as you need

Love the looks, I wish it could be a full WM..


Thanks :D I really wish it could be a real one too. Maybe I could figure out how to make them


Hi! Great that you’re doing this. I advise don’t jump into OS right away. The next best step for you is to write it as a Desktop Window Manager. That’s the way to make it “real” allowing the user to interact with your UI and dock with their own programs and actual filesystem. Then if you still wish to continue to write the full OS, a component is already done.

Best of luck