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If you're thinking of downloading this please hold off for a few days, I'm about to release a big update soon.

I already did, I just want to see how you did this.

The update is live now if you wanted to check it out :)


Looks awesome so far, I can't test it cause I mainly use linux also I agree with the other comments. If this were a real WM I would use it all the time

Thanks! I've been trying to work on Linux and macOS support and hopefully it will release soon. I've never really used linux so its been difficult for me to get everything working

Take as much time  as you need

Love the looks, I wish it could be a full WM..


Thanks :D I really wish it could be a real one too. Maybe I could figure out how to make them


Hi! Great that you’re doing this. I advise don’t jump into OS right away. The next best step for you is to write it as a Desktop Window Manager. That’s the way to make it “real” allowing the user to interact with your UI and dock with their own programs and actual filesystem. Then if you still wish to continue to write the full OS, a component is already done.

Best of luck