A downloadable Fantasy-Console for Windows and Linux

This is just a simple prototype of a fantasy console I have been making the past few weeks, I thought I'd upload it here so that people could play around with it and give me some feedback.

note: you can't actually make game with it yet

Commands (from most complete to incomplete)

Help - Displays a help message.

List - Displays a list of all (some) commands.

Exit - Exits the console.

Open <file> - Loads a file into memory.

Read - Reads a loaded file.

Readline <line> - reads a line from a loaded file.

Editline <line> <new text> edits a line of a file.

Save <file> saves the file.

Gif <file> starts recording a gif (sort of broken, but still works) type gif again to stop.

Theme <palette index> - changes the theme colour. (default is 8).

Log <filename> - logs the console to a textfile.

--Mostly incomplete commands--

Char <char number> <new char design> changes the way a character looks.

Spr / spr <load/save> <file> - Either load or save a spritesheet. If "spr" is typed by itself it will load the default sheet.

Sysspr / sysspr <load/save> <file> - Either load or save a system spritesheet. If "sysspr" is typed by itself it will load the default system sheet.

Colour/Color - Used to select a colour or view palette colours.

Pal <slot> <hue> <sat> <brightness> - Used to set a colour in a pallete.

Pal <slot> if a colour is selected via the "colour" command you can simply type this to make it easier.

Pal <save/load> <filename> - Saves or loads a palette.


There's also a secret. It's definitely not worth finding at the moment. But you can find it if you want to.

Published Sep 06, 2017
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Tags8-Bit, Commodore 64, fantasy-console, Pixel Art, Retro

Install instructions

For Windows, I'm pretty sure you can just run it as is. I'm not sure about Linux users though, sorry.


application.linux32.zip 5 MB
application.linux64.zip 6 MB
application.linux-armv6hf.zip 6 MB
application.windows32.zip 8 MB
application.windows64.zip 8 MB

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