A downloadable Fantasy-Console for Windows and Linux

This is just a simple prototype of a fantasy console I have been making the past few weeks, I thought I'd upload it here so that people could play around with it and give me some feedback.

note: you can't actually make game with it yet

Commands (from most complete to incomplete)

Help - Displays a help message.

List - Displays a list of all (some) commands.

Exit - Exits the console.

Open <file> - Loads a file into memory.

Read - Reads a loaded file.

Readline <line> - reads a line from a loaded file.

Editline <line> <new text> edits a line of a file.

Save <file> saves the file.

Gif <file> starts recording a gif (sort of broken, but still works) type gif again to stop.

Theme <palette index> - changes the theme colour. (default is 8).

Log <filename> - logs the console to a textfile.

--Mostly incomplete commands--

Char <char number> <new char design> changes the way a character looks.

Spr / spr <load/save> <file> - Either load or save a spritesheet. If "spr" is typed by itself it will load the default sheet.

Sysspr / sysspr <load/save> <file> - Either load or save a system spritesheet. If "sysspr" is typed by itself it will load the default system sheet.

Colour/Color - Used to select a colour or view palette colours.

Pal <slot> <hue> <sat> <brightness> - Used to set a colour in a pallete.

Pal <slot> if a colour is selected via the "colour" command you can simply type this to make it easier.

Pal <save/load> <filename> - Saves or loads a palette.


There's also a secret. It's definitely not worth finding at the moment. But you can find it if you want to.

Install instructions

For Windows, I'm pretty sure you can just run it as is. I'm not sure about Linux users though, sorry.


application.linux32.zip 5 MB
application.linux64.zip 6 MB
application.linux-armv6hf.zip 6 MB
application.windows32.zip 8 MB
application.windows64.zip 8 MB

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