A downloadable Fantasy Console for Windows and Linux

"Well guys, we blew our entire budget on the ability to play wav and mp3 files. Now what the hell are we supposed to do?

1 bit screen with fancy backlighting you say? They'll never notice the difference!"

Entry for the Fantasy Console Dev Jam 2017 hosted by @egordorichev

I will have an explanation of how to program this thing later, but for now its just this because I'm a bit tired. Sorry

You can find some example programs in data/examples/. The filesystem starts at the data directory, so put your files in there if you want to access them.

To run the flying ship example I posted on my twitter, type 'run shipgame/play.txt'. Press escape to exit.

You can access an external menu by holding right click, which has some options for clearing ram, rebooting, exiting etc. Think of this menu as either buttons on the keyboard or buttons on the monitor, this isn't actually part of the console.

There's still probably a ton of bugs, so if you encounter ANYTHING, please contact me, I would love to fix them :D.

Also this is pretty much my first fully functional project not relying on some pre-made engine. I don't know a lot about computers so don't ask me technical stuff please :D

\/\/\/ Code Explanation \/\/\/


^^^ Click here to see documentation to see how to make programs.

Install instructions

Make sure you keep the data and lib folder with the program, otherwise it wont work.


application.linux32.zip 5 MB
application.linux64.zip 5 MB
application.linux-arm64.zip 5 MB
application.linux-armv6hf.zip 5 MB
application.windows32.zip 5 MB
application.windows64.zip 5 MB


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L'effet de couleur, c'est un gradient ?

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Oui :)

c'est animé mais vous pouvez désactiver l'animation (j'ai également utilisé google translate désole)

this kinda looks like old-school assembly code

This looks really cool (And most certainly better than my entry)! However it seems to have crashed and it told me to send you this

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Thanks! I found the problem and will release a fix soon. This issue shouldn't interfere too much for now, so you should still be able to use the FC after it shows that message.